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Ethan Goad
Sri Lanka has been earmarked by many investors (local & foreign) because of its fast growing economy, unique geographical location, diversity, quality human resources, peace & stability. Since the end of the civil war in mid-2009, the country's economy has been on a strong growth trajectory led by determined rebuilding measures, surging tourism & other industries and increased investor confidence. After a sharp decline in growth during 2008-2009, it expanded rapidly by 8% in 2010, 2011 and by 6.4% in 2012. The government is also placing increased emphasis on carrying out large infrastructure projects, which will not only improve communications in established areas, but also unlock the hidden potential of other locations. Browns Investments PLC identified the post war economic boom in Sri Lanka and capitalized by investing in many fast growing industries in Sri Lanka includingTravel & Leisure,Entertainment Business,Tea Plantations,Agribusiness,construction and manufacturing Business. The company has grown rapidly during the last few years. It is run by a strong team of dynamic individuals who balance opportunities with risk to provide exceptional returns to its stakeholders. In addition to long term, medium term investments and joint ventures, the company also manages a portfolio of investments and listed securities. The excelling financial results and few facts shown below are only a micro depiction of the positive momentum that we have adhered to throughout our short period of existence. Thus it is with pride we call upon the investors to partner with us today, to invest with one of the most promising conglomerates in Sri Lanka.  
EB Creasy & CO. PLC
The House of E. B. Creasy was founded in 1878 by Edward Bennet Creasy and incorporated as a limited liability company in 1929, becoming quoted on the local Stock Exchange in 1968. The Company is among the pioneers of The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce having joined in 1890.