An email, apparently sent by Buy wow classic gold Blizzard Customer Service, indicated that the guild's name-change process began because"your fellow players reported your in-game name as improper multiple occasions." From that point, the email cites"a thorough investigation" that also led to the guild's creator receiving a temporary account suspension. The suspension was later overturned, but the guild's name stays"Guild ZFXPK."
After admitting that general user forums weren't the place to correctly dispute customer service difficulties, a WoW forum moderator provided some advice for picking a new name:"Picking a name which you can identify with without also using words which would illicit [sic] a reaction from other players would be far more beneficial."
A member of the guild influenced this week says he is surprised about the new form of user complaints. In an emailed statement,"GAY BOYS" penis Ahmil Jilani wrote:Should you reviewed my chat logs, then you would see numerous messages from people through my recruitment process of getting us to where we are now, with folks messaging"Fuck the gays, mentioned," among other extremely hateful and discriminating comments...
All these are the people that find our name unsuitable. Giving in to their needs suggests that you are siding together as a company, which, following a few years of playing with your games, is a surprise for me. Huge Halloween SALE up to 8% Classic Bonus
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