Blassus, December 2020 – Swiss premium watchmaker Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Grande Complication announced that four hollow out watches with complex functions donated by guy Lalibert é, founder of one drop foundation, Cirque du Soleil and lune Rouge group, will appear at Phillips auction house on December 12, 2020 The total transaction price was $1688400 at the time counts charity auction held by house. At the auction, another Jumbo ultra-thin automatic wristwatch with the signature of H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco was sold for us $163800. The net proceeds of the auction will be donated to the one drop foundation and Prince Albert II foundation of Monaco’s public welfare projects to support the response to global water challenges, environmental protection and help communities in urgent need.audemars piguet royal oak grande complication replica

The four Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Grande Complication replica Series hollow wrists with large and complex functions were made between 2007 and 2010, with a case diameter of 44 mM. Each wristwatch integrates three sophisticated functions: three asking time, perpetual calendar and two second needle tracking time, which are also the three essential complex functions in the grand complex launched by Abbey since it was founded in 1875. The watch is equipped with calibre 2885 movement, which is composed of 648 parts. A professional watchmaker independently completes the manual finishing and assembly of all parts. The whole process takes 8 months to complete. Every year, Abbey only makes about 10 large and complex function wristwatches, which is extremely rare in today’s industry. https://www.bestbuycheap.ru

“These four classic timepieces are the first batch of Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Grande Complication Series hollow out watches created by Abbe. The bottom of each watch is engraved with n ° 1. It’s a great honor for watchmakers to make these classic masterpieces shine again. ” breguet marine royale alarm replica

Through the sapphire crystal glass dial and bottom cover, the complex hollowed out movement can be clearly seen, especially eye-catching. Since the 1930s, hollowing out has become one of Aibi’s specialties. Skilled tabulators first determine the final design, with reverse thinking, began to make movements. This requires proficient tabulation technology, and master the movement material characteristics and fine finishing skills, in order to achieve a clever balance between aesthetics and function. https://www.moon-watch.co

The four large and complex function wristwatches are made of 18K gold, 18k rose gold, 18K platinum and fine steel cases, all made by hand. The exquisite satin surface is alternately polished and brushed to highlight the architectural design beauty of the Royal Oak series case. Brown or black hand sewn large square Plaid crocodile leather strap adds an elegant finishing touch to the watch. In the auction, the total price of the four large and complex watches is $1688400, and the net proceeds will be donated to the one drop foundation and the Prince Albert II foundation of Monaco’s public welfare projects to support the global water resources challenges, environmental protection and help communities in urgent need. ulysse nardin el toro blue replica

In addition to the four extremely rare large and complex function wristwatches, the time counts auction also presented a 39 mm diameter fine steel Royal Oak series Jumbo ultra-thin automatic chain wristwatch, which was highly sought after by collectors. This chronometer is reminiscent of the first Royal Oak watch designed by Swiss clock designer g é rald Genta for Abbey in 1972. Since then, it has become the first watch industry to change the fashion of luxury design. This royal oak series Jumbo ultra-thin automatic chain wristwatch continues the design features of the first royal oak series wristwatch, including octagonal bezel, eight hexagon screws for fixing bezel, one-piece chain, faceted link design with gradually decreasing width, and blue “Petite tapisserie” small Plaid machine carved dial. The elegant steel case is exquisitely hand embellished, presenting the embellishment aesthetic design of alternating Satin drawing and polishing. https://www.highluxurystore.com

The Royal Oak series Jumbo ultrathin automatic chain wristwatch is equipped with the classic calibre 2121 movement. This movement was invented in 1970. It was the thinnest automatic chain up movement with date display in the world at that time. Different from the original Royal Oak series, this timepiece is equipped with a sapphire crystal glass bottom cover. You can appreciate some of the complex structure of the movement, as well as the beautiful operation of the 22K Gold pendulum specially made for this watch. In addition, the bottom cover is engraved with the signature of Prince Albert II of Monaco. jacob and co astronomia replica

We are very happy to be able to contribute to the philanthropy of one drop foundation and Prince Albert II foundation of Monaco through four Royal Oak series large complex function wristwatches and Royal Oak series Jumbo ultra thin automatic chain wristwatches, and have a positive long-term impact in the world. To ensure safe water use and protect the environment is also our concern, which is complementary to the mission of Epee foundation. We should act together to help the most vulnerable, especially at a time of global crisis. ”

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Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Grande Complication Replica Watch 26065BC.OO.D002CR.01

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Grande Complication Replica Watch 26065ST.OO.D088CR.01

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Grande Complication Replica Watch 26065BA.OO.D088CR.01

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Grande Complication. Combining the three categories of horological complications represented by short-time measurement, striking mechanisms and astronomical indications, this model driven by in-house calibre 2885 was hand-crafted by a single master-watchmaker in the Audemars Piguet grande complication workshop. Grande Complication movement. Column wheel Chronograph mechanism. Repeater’s two gongs are both on the same plane. Oscillating weight with ceramic ball bearings. Moonphase made with Physical Vapor Deposited metal onto sapphire. Oscillating weight can be custom decorated upon customer’s request. When Audemars Piguet unveiled the Royal Oak in 1972, luxury timepieces were usually small and made of gold, but the brand broke these rules, forever defying with conventions, with this first luxury sports timepiece honed from steel. Its powerful look ushered in a revolutionary avant-garde style, that has since become its trademark.

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