by on October 18, 2019
What improvements / changes / developments are you to the game ever since then? That is a comprehensive list, the world map has changed, classes have been refined, more, and more end game content has been added.
Some particular examples of this are upgrades to the combat system; Astellia is still Tab Target, but users wanted a much more engaging combat experience so that we worked to decrease the worldwide Cooldowns, Limit Animation Locking, also added fast dodging mechanics to make the combat more engaging. The Astells were heavily reviewed and we worked to make each unique, with particular roles, skills to personalize & improve them.
What sets Astellia apart from other games? Astellia is a classic MMO with a twist, and the spin is your Astel system. Players are given freedom over their own expertise by the Astels. The Astels are as varied as the core classes. Paper cannons, from healers buffers, it exists and the players' journey through the match with the Astels at all times.
Will there be a money store present? If so, what kind of items are you going to sell? A money shop will be present we are selling items. We know it's a frequent worry for gamers when an Eastern MMO is attracted that it will have P2W that is rampant. We have another mindset, we need players to'Play to Win', and also exactly what I mean by that all items you would ordinarily find on a P2W cash shop will rather be accessible for money acquired through playtime, a loyalty system, or alternative in-game mechanisms.
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