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by on January 13, 2022

In WOW TBC Classic, Warrior Tanks usually share the limelight with other classes, while Melee DPS will play a secondary role after Casters and Hunters. While each specialization has its advantages, guilds will only use three potential specializations in raids. One spec is the strongest from start to Buy TBC Classic Gold finish in the entire expansion, but there's a good chance that guilds will wipe out content from all three different specs.

Top guilds will find a time and place to use each of these specs as they expand. Feral Druid tanks have some of the best armor in the game due to their form. They compete with the Warriors as the strongest tank early in the game, but they are likely to be the top dog in the later stages. They bring powerful utility to raids through debuffs like Faire Fire and Mangle.

Warrior tanks have changed significantly from classic to TBC. They will be strong at the start of the expansion, but will be overtaken by Feral Druids later. Even though some fights are more suited to wilds or paladins, players can still use them throughout TBC. While the classics are about finding the right balance between fury and WOW TBC Gold protection, everyone goes deep into TBC's protection and places a high priority on more defensive stats and gear.

The Protection Paladin is the god of AoE tanks. They'll earn a place in many of the raids during the TBC Classic for AoE tank needs, as well as enhance raids with Blessings of Kings and Blessings of Sanctuary. But due to potential single-target threat issues, they are unlikely to be the top tanks in the game. Besides that, players can buy cheap WOW TBC Gold from MMOWTS to add to their advantage.

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