by on September 15, 2021

In Animal Crossing, gorgeous autumn returns to the island. This fall is a good time to enhance your charm and grab the last touch of natural color before winter descends on your island. Taking advantage of this opportunity, players will use their skills to create a mythical version of the autumn island.

Exclusive decoration: pumpkins, mushrooms, and bounty furniture
Pumpkins, mushrooms, autumn leaves, and pine cones are some popular themes that can be used as inspiration. In addition, the ACBellsBuy website also offers other autumn options. Players can voluntarily choose to Buy Animal Crossing Bells. To celebrate this beautiful season, players can play freely. Place pumpkins and pine cones around your yard and home.

Exclusive picnic: build an autumn orchard
In this harvest season, nothing can add to the beauty of autumn more than a fruitful orchard and farm. The golden fence and rustic garland add charm, and you can't go wrong with such excellent colors and settings. Haystacks are also a classic autumn sign and play a very useful role when stacking pumpkins.

Either way. Players only need to recognize the design and spend a certain amount of time and energy. You can create your autumn characteristic islands. Players need to choose Buy Animal Crossing Bells in advance to prepare for the fall. To create an eye-catching appearance, plant colorful flowers around your island and add some contrasting colors to make your space full of vitality. If you have a lot of trees in your yard, the autumn leaves are beautiful, but the golden yellow will start to look a bit monotonous.

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