Anne Smith
by on September 14, 2021

Currently Bless Unleashed has been released on PC, but it seems that its acceptance is not high. Many people play MMORPG as usual, but the comments on Bless Unleashed are more polarized. The game’s current rating on Steam is close to a 50/50 plus-minus split. As far as Steam reviews are concerned, this does not look optimistic.

One of the most common complaints about Blessed Unleashed is that after players reach level 30, the mandatory PvP logo will continue to display. This means that anyone can kill anyone, which is essentially a breeding ground for grief. There is an  Bless Unleashed Seeds option to turn off PvP, but this will only turn off the player's ability to kill someone, rather than being killed. The safest solution is to buy PvP immune scrolls in the micro-transaction store in the game. That time is limited, and the cost can easily add up.

Like a large open world MMORPG with a large number of players, the optimization problem is the same as that of packaged transactions. Although compared with the older MMORPG, the performance of the game is indeed better and has better overall graphics, but the system requirements are a bit too high. Some players reported that they must use hardware such as Nvidia GTX 1060 or AMD Radeon RX 580 to adjust their graphics settings to "low". For games with graphics such as Bless Unleashed, this is too demanding.

The user interface of Bless Unleashed originally came from a console version, making it a bit stiff on the PC version. This is a console port, and for that matter, a large number of console elements have been ported. The most notable among them is the buttons and control schemes that are more suitable for the controller. These may be radial menus, strange mappings, or lack of more button options. This is not that harmful to gameplay, but it can be more of an obstacle. Worst of all, the console-based UI can be a frustrating obstacle, especially for players in a hurry.

There is no doubt that these problems in the game prevent Bless Unleashed from becoming a happy experience. If these problems in the game can be resolved, then more players will inevitably be willing to join the  Bless Unleashed Star Seeds game. In Bless Unleashed, getting more Star Seeds is one of the main goals of every player. Players have many ways to accumulate Bless Unleashed Star Seeds in the game. But for novices, MMOWTS is the best choice.

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