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Botters will most likely benefit from the boost, making it even more problematic for  WOW Burning Crusade Classic Gold bots. If bots could be controlled by a system, boosts isn't a problem. I have five friends who are returning to classic due to the fact that we all love tbc and they join only because they are able to increase their level beyond the vanilla content.

Our characters are already in Classic. They definitely don't want to waste time for anyone who is going to TBC. The entire database will be copied prior to launch. If you choose TBC it will flip the "active" bit on the TBC database to true and the "active" bit on Classic database will be changed to false. Then, you can pay $35 to have the Classic bit reversed.

Idk the reason, but for Asmongold specifically, it's his main source of income. Even he has admitted that there is no market for his expertise. Other people I can understand in a way, particularly in the case of buying these micro-transactions. However, for a lot of us, even if we do not agree with the direction ActiBlizz is heading the desire to participate in TBC is greater.

It's correct. I believe buying the boost is a bad idea and sets negative precedents. I agree with you that he should stay away from microtransactions just like (I think?) Retail stores do. However, I am not informed about his thoughts. I honestly don't watch his videos often, or any other streamer, except for the odd youtube video.

There isn't a thing as WoW. It's entirely a decision you take part in it, and isn't an essential requirement. Entertainment is a fundamental requirement. However, it is possible to get entertainment anywhere else and not support a sham company. It isn't easy to leave the society.

Even though you have great arguments, you are actually arguing with others that are less than you. I've yet to meet someone who looks at their own life and declares "this home is absolutely perfect and my job is flawless, my car is perfect and my friends are excellent, the price of everything I buy is just right," and so on. We are imperfect in all aspects of our lives. It is perfectly reasonable to criticize something and still use it. It's when it becomes hypocritical that it crosses the line of being sloppy and unworthy of your time. That's just a sad existence.

I am laughing I joke, but in a serious way, I believe that focusing on how much it costs to make something as an indicator of pricing is fundamentally flawed in the present day. Nestle's production of water bottles is an example. Nestle has  cheap WOW TBC Gold to pay $500 for every million litres of groundwater that they pump out of Ontario. It's about 1/20th cents per litre, that is enough to fill 2 bottles.


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