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When you are playing the Aion Classic game, you need to maximize your warehouse space. Here are the things you need to save:


Elemental stone, aether. Check everything else.


If you are doing alchemy, keep the white crit and Manastones:-you can craft them to a higher level. Never save parry, mana, low-level attacks (except the green ones), low-level blocks, or low-level accuracy-they are cheap and worthless. Save any stones that are useful for your own class or expensive stones from other classes. At the end of the game, the most expensive stones are usually (in descending order) magic boost, crit, magic accuracy, block, HP (depending on the server, the last three are slightly different, but mb and crit are usually higher ). Most other things are not that valuable, but also depend on the server.


Sell ​​to general merchants-check the skins before you sell, in case you come across something you personally like, because some lower-level skins are a bit pretty. Do not save anything you have already leveled, unless it is a tradable PvP equipment that you may use as a replacement account.


If you can save these, it is sometimes worthwhile, because people will randomly buy something to complete handicrafts or make furniture.


Keep all non-restrictive stigma, some are really valuable.

Event items:

Save them until you can sell them

Event tokens:

Events do repeat, but most of them rarely happen. Leave anything for the rukibuki circus or guard tomb. If you don’t have endless space, most other event tokens (such as things you trade to event npc) can be thrown away.

Also, if you haven't already, please initiate an alternative. Then you can access their warehouse through the account warehouse.

Once you have a golden bag, mailing things to yourself is a good way to store them. Your mailbox is basically a warehouse of 100 items.

For those players who don't have enough time to play Aion Classic, it is very difficult to grow the items they need or Aion Classic Kinah in the game, so z2u site Sell Aion Classic Gold for most players.

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