by on July 16, 2021

The Twitter leak apparently showed the release date and cover of the new “NBA 2K” spin-off. This year 2K Games will also support the older generation of consoles and provide various rewards. Like almost all sports games, players can look forward to a new branch of NBA 2K this year. Now this year’s cover and release date have obviously leaked. They distributed a photo through the Twitter account NBA 2K22 Leaks & Intel, dated September 10th. The document also confirmed the release of the game on two-generation consoles, including PS4 / PS5 and Xbox One / Xbox Series X / S versions, as well as common purchase rewards including 100K VC.

The cover characters of NBA 2K22 include the active and retired star Dirk Nowitzki who has played for the Dallas Mavericks for 20 years, the legendary Lakers star Karim Abdul-Jabbar and the Nets active star Kevin Durant. However, the special thing here is the special appearance. The cover is very similar to an oil painting. Just like NBA 2K21, the new branch line will appear as a cross-generation champion. The developer also mentioned bonus content and NBA 2K22 MT, which players can get by pre-ordering or purchasing 2K22 MT.

NBA 2K22 MT is the main currency that players can use to buy the best players in the auction house and build a unique All-Star team. They can buy enough NBA 2K22 MT to enhance their strength and competitiveness. In addition, experienced 2K players know that shortly after the release of the new generation of NBA 2K, the game team will hold some promotional activities, so if they do not prepare NBA 2K22 MT in advance, they will not be able to get those high The quality of the stars, that would be a great pity.

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