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Islanders in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is almost always funny, and each islander has its personality and characteristics. The character types and slogans of Animal Crossing characters are always diverse. When Animal Crossing: New Horizons came out, it was not only better in terms of graphics and activities, but also better in terms of humor. Animal Crossing: With its excellent islanders, New Horizons will make players get along very happily. Most players will visit the ACBellsBuy store and choose Buy Nook Miles Tickets to spend a good time in advance. The villagers are certainly not afraid to discuss their ideas, so they sometimes think and repeat the weirdest things.

Alfonso is a lazy crocodile who sometimes lacks self-confidence. He will ask players what they think of his equipment. If they give a supportive answer, he will realize that they have nothing to fear. He will also praise the interaction. Sometimes, villagers will say something closely related to their personality, but most of the time, villagers' proverbs use their personality type, whether they are lazy, smug, academic, etc.

Mott is obsessed with fitness. When communicating with Mott, the Jock villagers are funny because of the intensity of their discussions. Although Gulliver is a tourist on the island, he also has some of the best lines when players find him on the beach. Mott usually jokes, and sometimes he will say: Your face is too big. It is easy to identify your blurred outline. The time spent with any islander is always happy. To commemorate the happiness of the past. Players will elect to Buy ACNH Nook Miles Tickets. Either way, this is one of his most interesting lines.

Zucker is a lazy octopus and a favorite of many fans. He has no shortage of casual humor. After the player stops for his birthday, he will send a letter. Zucker is very smart. When encountering difficulties, he will automatically think of ways and solve the difficulties in front of him. Zucker will bring happiness to players. One of the manifestations of happiness is that his letter starts very sweetly, which is a thank you letter for the gifts brought by the participants on their birthdays.


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