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What if Bordeaux weren't limited to its city center? This week, we invite Bordelais and passing travelers to discover what is happening all around the Sleeping Beauty ... Because the Gironde indeed conceals many treasures that we look forward to revealing to you. Grandiose natural sites, pretty beaches, vineyards ... It is often enough to drive only a few minutes from Bordeaux to find yourself in front of fabulous places!

1. The Arcachon Basin
One hour west of Bordeaux, is one of the most exclusive places on the Atlantic coast: the Bassin d'Arcachon. This charming little town is divided into four districts : the summer town and its superb golden sand beach, the autumn town and its charming marina, the winter town and its historic monuments and the spring city and its pretty walks. An exotic getaway!

2. The Dune of Pilat
Even if it means discovering the Bassin d'Arcachon, you might as well take a trip a stone's throw away on the most famous dune in France , even in Europe: the Dune du Pilat. From its 105 meters high, it offers a breathtaking view of the Arcachon basin and the ocean. What a pleasure to cross its immense pine forest and climb to the top, facing the deep blue of the Atlantic ...

3. Saint-Emilion
You don't have to be a wine enthusiast to enjoy this visit. 45 minutes east of Bordeaux, the small village of Saint-Émilion is classified by Unesco , and we quickly understand why! Because if it is best known for its famous vineyards, it is also home to a surprising medieval city, where you can visit a cave, catacombs and even a monolithic church. And for wine lovers, a short stop in the surrounding vineyards and castles will obviously be a must.

4. The Landes natural park
You want to take advantage of your trip to Bordeaux to offer yourself a good breath of fresh air. Then head to the Landes de Gascogne Natural Park, where a multitude of outdoor activities awaits you! You will have the opportunity to stroll on the lakes in a canoe, to hike in the middle of the forest, to observe the birds in the Leyre delta in Teich, or to cross the pine forests by mountain bike.

5. Lacanau
For a little relaxation break during your discovery of the surroundings of Bordeaux, take a detour to the seaside resort of Lacanau. Lacanau beach is one of the best surf spots in France , with powerful waves much of the year. And for swimmers or those who want to try their hand at more accessible activities, it is also possible to discover the Lacanau lake for a ride on a paddle or pedal boat.

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