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If you ignore for  RuneScape 2107 gold 2 minutes, you atomaticly decline. Once you accept, go into the waiting room. From the waiting area, you may set up alliances by way of a thing simaller into the clan wars view orb. You send an admin petition to the staff leader. By way of instance, state Sal sent me a ally request. He would find this:

Salmoneus has sent you a petition to ally with Sal's Realm. If you click the message, you will be an ally. After two minutes from the first team creating the chalenge, all in the waiting room will be teled to a random corner of the stadium. It is a whole lot larger than clan wars. On the minimap, these color dots mean these things: Yellow: Enemy. Blue: your team. Freinds and group cape dots have been changed to thier different team dots. The conflict continues untill one group / team of allied teams eliminates everyone else. Should you die, you are teleed into a cell similar to clan wars.

I got the idea from my friends who are nearly all sailors on Runescape. In fact I got the idea directly in my friend a couple of days ago. Concept: The idea is that in specified regions (like a normal fishing hole) on a place such as the iceberg in which the Hunting Tutor is, you can dip a hole in the ice .

How it might work: You'd probably need a heavy duty rod like a barbarian one for example to do this. For bait you would take cooked meat (beef or bear) and chop it up into pieces with a knife. You would then fish through the hole using the bait and pole. *the bait is stackable(thanx Super wii)

FishI suggest  cheap School RS Gold that shark, salmon, eel, cod, and pike be captured using this method. (All with the meat lure instead of feathers). Freeze Over: After thirtyseconds of not fishing the hole will freeze , forcing you to then chop a new hole. This won't effect skillers who don't run off to cook or sell their own fish so long as you continue to constantly fish there.

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