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Very farfetched but yeLikely unlikely to OSRS gold get removed completely. But I understand RS3 players have wanted an MTX reform and Jagex talked about doing it before making a couple of small adjustments and then deciding not to follow through.

At least from what I've seen on the subreddit and such, many RS3 players are not a fan of MTX but a lot of them would be much happier with it is that they toned down or eliminated the P2W elements (e.g. purchasing exp) and pushed MTX promotion (or had more real upgrades than week after week of MTX promos and little else).

Interesting. So maybe all the RS3 pushback on MTX did have some consequences after all. And should the sub increases are out of OSRS, that is most likely why we have seen such heavy investment in growing OSRS over the last few months.I wonder how it will search for 2020.

Likely not likely to receive eliminated entirely. But I know Buy Rs gold players have wanted an MTX reform and Jagex talked about doing this before making a couple of tiny changes and then deciding not to follow through. There is a slew of cosmetics items, in addition to the ability to get straight up XP lamps.

You could also get these weird exceptional versions of resources such as logs that provide more XP or something when you utilize them. You can even have coin drops, or untradeable versions of gear, such as godswords. It has been some time since I played and that I only got to like 1500 or so total before switching to OSRS, but afaik there was no way to"directly" purchase any of the stuff, only roll for this.

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