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Since everything occurs in the Wilderness, there's a decent possibility you will end up a goal of players murdering. Make certain not to alch the keys that you have found the right away. Instead get three or two and go to  OSRS gold the bank to monetize your loot. Alching on jungle could lead to turning them in to gold that's lost upon passing while unalched ones may be kept as protected from death punishment. A maximum of 3 keys can be held at some time and even more if you've completed a number of the Wilderness Diary but generally farming two before banking is your safest choice.

A very simple yet effective way of making money whilst also training Thieving ability includes blackjacking Menaphite Thugs.

By minding these NPCs you'll be able to pickpocket them multiple times before they regain consciousness. It's an excellent opportunity to generate gold as you do other things such as watching TV or playing your telephone as it takes very little attention from the user. If you want to learn more about this money making method head over to our Blackjacking Guide.

PICKPOCKETING AT ARDOUGNE (SAFE) Requirements: at least 55 in Thieving skill but with 95+ you will be efficient, medium Ardougne diary completed, Rogue Equipment. Another simple way to attain currency comes out of pickpocketing. Generally, most people use that ability on Ardougne Knights because they can be enticed to a safe location but you could also pickpocket different NPCs such as Master Farmer (for higher levels) and Men around Lumbride (for lower levels). To start off, go to the Ardougne Market Square and try to lure one of those knights into  Buy RS gold the north-eastern construction. In case you have fulfilled the prerequisites stated above you should be able to be successful at stealing from Ardougne Knights at every effort.


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