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(I strongly suspect that NGS isn't going to PSO2 Meseta start with a"complete game's" value of articles, but will be published progressively over time. This is probably why they're upgrading the first PSO2 and keeping both side-by-side -- because people will run out of things to do should they simply play NGS.

By allowing units/weapons out of PSO2 to be brought into NGS, it is going to give people a reason to keep on playing PSO2 to be able to support their progress in NGS, and I suspect they will incentivize individuals doing that at least in the first year or two until NGS is more fleshed out and fully-featured. In a manner such as the connection between PSO2es and PSO2 in Japan.)This ought to be similar to it's own article. Im coming to this conclusion too. Initially I was cynical but now that I understand the larger vision more, it's all making sense. I am actually glad we do not need to wait 8 years and are getting it all at one time.

 If there were farmable makeup and emotes, I would agree. But, your"end game", can not be from simply purchasing stuff through the cash shop or gated currencies such as FUN. That actually isn't an end game if you can not really spend some time in game to make progress towards it.

Using a game like this, I wouldn't be surprised if many people are in the advancement of leveling multiple courses to 75 right now for all those stat boosts or new classes. Inform them that the brand new game is coming out in buy Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta a year and this work you are putting probably won't thing is simply bad no matter how you might attempt to twist it.

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