by on October 15, 2020

Animal Crossing is now a very successful game, which has been recognized and loved by most players. So why does this game achieve such impressive achievements? Today we will talk about the design concept of Animal Crossing.

I came to a conclusion after playing games for a long time. The success of "Animal Crossing" is due to its escapism in the game design logic. The entertainment products in the game itself have more or less escape from the world. You can use ACNH Nook Miles Tickets to go to other islands and use entertainment products to free yourself from the cruelty of reality.

In short, what is this game playing? You control your character to escape from the world on a small island, which sounds very meaningless. Most game players have their own demands. For example, you play competitive games, perhaps because you can get excitement from the game between people. So what is the reason for playing "Animal Crossing"?

Animal Crossing has shaped the escape from the world into collective behavior and infinitely magnified the kindness of the NPC in the game. The meaning of these NPCs to players is the same as their lovely appearance, eliminating evil thoughts and cruelty. You can Buy ACNH Nook Miles Tickets for your friends. They represent the intertwined friendship between humans and also symbolize the beauty and goodwill of nature. Everyone on the island will still like you no matter what you do or nothing.

The social attributes brought by the high degree of freedom and multiplayer online add a layer of fun to Animal Crossing. Because the game has a unique texture close to life, the mutual companionship between people in the virtual world more effectively connects real emotional bonds. You can enjoy your time alone in a world away from others, and you can play with your friends when you are alone.

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