by on July 29, 2020

The second summer update promised by Animal Crossing: New Horizons will be launched soon and will bring some exciting changes. According to Nintendo, the two main gameplay additions are the ability to dream and the new firework show. At the same time, for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers, a cloud backup system will also be available, so that you will not lose your island. The more you continue to learn more about the update details, or you can view more information at ACBellsBuy and Buy Animal Crossing Bells.

Nintendo said, for dreams, players will be able to take a nap on any bed in their house. The company explained: "When you do sleep, you may find yourself in a strange field, welcomed by Luna." Luna provides the dream of going to other islands, and with her help, you can also Share your island as a dream with others. She will provide a "dream place" for those who share islands, where players can communicate in dreams and use this address to visit each other's islands. In the dream, nothing is eternal, because nothing is preserved, so we must discover the inner satisfaction. "

At the same time, fireworks displays will take place regularly, every Sunday evening in August local time at 7 pm. In these events, Lottery tickets can help players win prizes.

The main content of this update is the player's data backup option. Players can use the new island backup service, which is mainly used to automatically back up player user data on the network. When the player has a system failure, you can restore the backup from Nintendo to protect your data.

Following the recent increase in swimming, this will be the second major summer update for the game. The update will be available on July 30, and the company has also released a fall update for the future. Follow acbellsbuy.com, learn about the latest news about Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Buy Animal Crossing Items. We are your best partner.

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