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Recently,Grinding Gear Games confirmed the 1.55 patch notes for the "Path of Exile" update, which can now be downloaded for PS4, and let POE Currency play its biggest role in your game. Below is the update and repair instructions for the new patch.

Improvements in harvest.
Added larger storage boxes that can be created through Harvest Crafting​​. The storage tank can now hold 1,000 concentrated vitality. Slots have been added to the seed bank, which can hold buds, flowers and flowers. Now you can automatically plant while Harvest Crafting is still available. A description that clarifies how to plant,the Heart of Grove.

Fixed a bug that "Sacrificing corrupted gems to get xmc% of gem quality x% of gem quality" would return a stack of gems with a stack size of 0. Fixed another bug that would prevent enchantment of the map when Delirium has been applied.

Overall improvement.
Added "Camera Rotation Effect" option. This feature can be disabled to prevent effects similar to those seen in the Redeemer encounter room in Veritania. Now, all vault doors will automatically open on the withered vault map, and the exit of the Vaal Oversoul arena is unlocked significantly in advance. The audio of the Miracle Map device has been updated.
    Fixed a bug where a hit cannot be counted as a hit due to some "recently hit" modifiers. Fixed another bug, if there is a dead person under Sirius, the Awakener below the world, it can dismount its throne. Fixed a bug where the deformation might not be able to perform any operations if the deformation was stunned before performing the operation. Fixed an error where the mine drilled by Niko might intersect nodes with other Azurite mines. Fixed a bug that the exit of the boss arena in the lava room was not locked during the battle with Fire and Fury. Fixed the bug that the maze spinning trap had no shadow.

Skills and passive repair
 The phantom savior, phantom warrior and phantom chief, spawned by the savior’s unique legion sword, will no longer be stunned by the general’s cry and Tawhoa’s choice. The aura given to The Torrent's Reclamation unique belt adds a greater visual effect. The audio of the Crystal Earthquake Effect and Demon Earthquake Effect have been updated.
    Fixed a bug where Metal Master's ascent passive will not always cause additional physical damage. Fixed a bug in which after you assigned the keystone distortion of the Supreme Self, activating the temporary aura (by using the Legion March) will turn off the "malicious" or "fanatic" state. Fixed a bug where Glimmerwood Sunder could not play sound with the support of "Fist of War".

Bloom improvement
 While applying the "Blood Guardian" weapon effect, the brightness of the "Demon Weapon" cosmetics has been reduced. Reduced the brightness of a series of effects such as the celestial pioneer effect, crystal earthquake effect, dragon fireball effect, Huntsman aura and so on.

Generally, improving equipment requires you to study the rational use of PoE currency and PoE projects you own. Making adjustments also requires you to rearrange POE Orbs to make the most of them. Then let's have fun in Path of Exile.


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