by on July 24, 2020


After so many years of development, fans of APRG games often compare POE and Diablo together. POE has been attracting people to join continuously thanks to its highly creative mechanism. The game is also becoming more and more popular with more people with the rapid increase in the number of players. Players on Steam say that POE is one of the most competitive games in recent years. And anyone can download POE for free on PS4, Xbox and PC to enter the game. They only need to spend a little money to prepare some POE Currency.

Although the game team will release POE 2 next year, they will not delay the release of alternative expansion plans in POE. This year has come to July. Players have already experienced it in Delirium and Harvest. After experiencing intense battles and leisurely farming, players are even more looking forward to what recent expansion to the game team will bring to them. The content presented to the players by the game team has never disappointed the players. Although this year’s COVID-19 has hindered the development process of most game companies, players have seen the full sincerity of GGG and understood the good intentions of the game team.

At the beginning of the year, the official POE forum has shown players their expansion plan this year. They generally choose to release a new version when the quarter changes. For example, the Harvest New League released on the 19th of last month was shown to players during the handover of spring and summer. In order to prevent various holidays from affecting the development process of the game, GGG will strengthen the supervision and patch repair work of the game in normal times. At the same time, they will also use their spare time to test the new version that is about to be released.

For the new leagues in September and December, the game has spent a lot of thought on these two. They also hope that players can strongly support their development work and always provide them with innovative ideas. Features that are well received by the majority of players are good features. The GGG team is ready for the fierce competition. Everyone should actively Buy Exalted Orb to prepare for the upcoming new content.




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