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"We actually re-thought and created a whole new set of classes. [...] The big thing to understand about Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta courses is they are not kind of their middle-of-the-dartboard; they are not your wizards and meseta pso2 warriors, they are always something a little funky and a little bit different. "Both that we are showing here at the demo [are] the Dustmage, which balances dark and light magic together to create [himself or herself] stronger, and the Forge, which can be a major robot using a Phantasy Star Online 2 Mesetaso cannon that pops out and shoots monsters."

Of course, Shacknews needed to ask the question: would be PSO2 Meseta currently coming to Nintendo Shift? On that front, Thompson had this to say:"We have been getting asked that a lot in the show, [... but] we have not decided on what we're going to perform there; we are still in discussions about it. But we are predicated on Unreal Engine 4, so it [would not be] a massive challenge for us.

Initially, they tried removing traditional levels. In its own place, to equip new gear, you needed to spend precious points to up the level of your ability to wear certain items for every frontier (area ) of the sport world. This did not work out, because it's an Action RPG as it never felt like a decision - you always want the highest level and gear.

Based on comments from buy Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta Alpha tests, the group has instituted a level system that was conventional, but with a twist. You still have specific gear that is meant to be used in each area, armor and weapons that are most effective against the foes you'll face there, but as you play in a region, you are going to level up in this area.

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