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They mentioned an Elder God Wars Dungeon in their plans at OSRS gold  Runefest. The past few digsites will likely give us an notion of who exactly is moving into that fight.Arma has potential but that he still wants to be worshiped it sounds. Zaros was worshiped at first but now wants to be a force from the shadows, directing and protecting individuals with minimal interference. It's also dangerous to be so beholden to one perfect such at justice. The only things which could be considered a core belief or Zaros is personal development and equality, and those aren't set in stone ideals to be accompanied by rather plausible side consequences of living a fantastic life.

Idk, after bringing Zaros back I spent a long time going through all of the dialogue options and he's just too commanding and egomaniacal. The Elder Gods are right, Zaros needs to learn his location and quit acting like he is is better than he really is.Im really excited about this. I.cant really describe it. 1 way is that it makes me happy im quarantined so I can play with it. Cant wait for my son to be old enoug h to put him to RuneScape. This trailer is good. Its footage but appreciate it in precisely the same time and that voice over and ominousness of it gave a tingle.

Does runescape of all games, not encourage split screen?

This works. You need to restart the device, but this works. I despise picture-in-picture, it's so annoying to have to drag that window. Adjusting the split screen sizes has some lag when using incompatible programs, but it functions and when resizing the lag only happens. Gameplay is ideal. I do so because screw. Here is what it looks like. It works in  OSRS Gold For Sale both landscape and portrait mode.

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