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That they are not denied character right, They upgraded the personalities with in RS gold  depth dialog trees? They did not just slap new names on them and pretend that that makes them better than"walking jokes" right? They attempt the same jokes. But none are called Ali. On itself considering it makes zero sense anymore the whole quest is a joke but it was obviously too much effort for Jagex to even attempt to alter it somewhat.

I could still recall a few of the characters the moment, and enjoyed the characters of this pursuit I read the patchnote even though its a decade since I did the quest. It failed miserably if naming them all Ali was an effort at making them all the exact same. It was celebrated by me like white knight names and the troll, and they were genuinely shocked once I informed some of my buddies who stopped playing that they changed Pollnivneach.

The majority of the Alis in RuneScape were given different names"to reflect the diversity of names that we see in real life" despite all Pollnivneans being called Ali actually being the joke behind the whole Feud quest. And not only can it be a joke crucial to a quest, it has also got lore backing. So they threw away the thing that made a quest good and a few basic bits of the world since seemingly Runescape is meant to reflect reality today, despite absolutely nobody taking any real offense to it, the change having been made purely since JMods themselves obtained offended on other people's behalf.

The change would make sense when it was an external contractor that understood nothing about RuneScape hired to things. Unfortunately, from what I have gleaned from that sub, it imagine they have a high rate, so doesn't look like Jagex pays on top of the work culture drama. They probably wind up hiring several people who aren't invested in RuneScape in  buy RuneScape gold any way.

Has Runescape ever influenced your relationship negatively?


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