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The thing is there's a lot of folks like me, who don't have any desire to buy/play a NFL game. I play Madden solely for Franchise mode. I adore the group building/player advancement, playing realistic games and trying to break NFL recordings with current Madden 20 coins players and draft picks, taking my team to multiple playoff appearances and Superbowls, trying to win awards, etc.. I don't care to play people MUT, Superstar KO, or any other mode. I enjoy getting to"play" GM and performing everything that comes with this and then getting to really play Madden with the team I built every season.

My primary hope is that enough people like the arcade design stuff then the NFL either decides to allow 2 companies to generate a Simulation style match and that the depth and detail that 2k has in their"franchise" (I think it's called something else in 2k but can not recall as I have not played in a few months lol) in NBA is brought to the NFL world...OR that EA sees and really hears many people want a detailed, in depth, immersive franchise style very similar to 2k and that they incorporate it into Madden going. It is probably wishful thinking, but we will see.One that could send McAfee ballistic!

This is madden. He clearly stepped online when touching the ball, so it should be a touchback. If you take the ball to the endzone a touchback. Madden never gets this right, it is like trying to understand where the back of the endzone actually is. I have had Madden automatically overturn receptions caught 3-4 yards in the backline as out of bounds, then the other day my player grabbed the ball supporting the endzone IN THE GOALPOST and it counted with no challenge.

A punt carrying it into the endzone does not mean anything. It is a touchback if the player rolls the ball inside the endzone. Watch players not trying to run into the endzone with the soccer in real life, downing a punt.

That is still different however. From the madden clip that the ball is not moving and the player is currently running, downs it, and decelerates throughout the endzone. In that clip the ball is moving and the player dives to it keeping the ball going to the endzone. That's why that participant is angry, because he feels as though it ought to have been downed if he touched it so in order to keep it he had to bat it back, but the ball was moving.

When the ball stops that is where its down, it is the exact same gap as the team circling to buy Mut 20 coins and waiting for the ball to stop vs diving from beyond the endzone to inside in order to bat the ball out. If the ball is still in motion than there is no method of knowing where it would land therefore that it's a live ball until it regards a stop.This is a well-known rule my guy and the participant even knew it. They interviewed him after and he thought the group had touched the ball. That would have left the ball reside, and he scored a touchdown. This play was gone by Pat, who's one of the NFL punters.


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