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Over the previous ten years, Electronic Arts has appeared to mut coins madden 20 grow the Madden Championship Series to new levels through many strategic initiatives. Those efforts include the introduction of Madden Ultimate Team (MUT) in 2014, five years after the game developer launched FIFA Ultimate Team, as well as new game modes such as Superstar KO deployed in September. This year, EA also notably changed the dates of its four big tournaments in the Madden Championship Series to align exclusively with tentpole events during the NFL season.

The intent here is to further increase interest in the Madden esports league by better capitalizing on the eyeballs the NFL pulls as North America's most-watched sports league, according to Matt Marcou, EA's Madden NFL competitive gaming commissioner. Similar to EA's FIFA Global Series, Madden's leading tournaments require players to be eligible online and compete in dwell competitions for grand prizes. "The Club Championship started as a trial with eight teams," explained Marcou. "We've since expanded the concept into a major where we have all 32 NFL teams represented as the number of gamers and sponsorship interest has grown."

The tournament has the most players and highest prize pool of almost any tournament at the Madden Championship Series. That contains the Madden Bowl held each spring, in which the very best Madden player is decided for that year. Under the recent Club Championship important format, players make their own Madden Ultimate Teams and pick one NFL franchise they want to reflect in the competition. This differs slightly from EA's Madden Classic important held in August, for instance, which permits gamers to compete only players on a single group's active roster.

The winner, Michael "Volterax" Bryant, representing the Arizona Cardinals, took home $100,000. "It takes about five months to solve the contest," explained Marcou. From there, 128 gamers are encouraged into our Redwood City, California studios to cheap Mut 20 coins play with live tournaments where the winner is crowned."

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