by on May 16, 2020


Loyal players from Madden 20 have suggested that the game team upgrade or improve the Lawrence Taylor player card. The update that players are waiting hard for is finally here. The latest news about the Taylor Player Card has become the hottest news in the list of players released by Ultimate Legends. Last week, Taylor players were selected to Madden 20 Ultimate Legends Group. However, players may need to spend a lot of MUT Coins to obtain this player card.

The Madden 20 Bowl group stage has been under intense and intense competition due to the large number of players participating. Lawrence Taylor, a defensive superstar who previously played for the New York Giants, achieved his best career record in last Friday's game. The newly added Lawrence Taylor Ultimate Legends item in this game allows gamers to increase the Giants' overall score to 99. He has shocking stats (98 points of powerful action, 97 points of subtle action, 95 points of acceleration and 94 points of tackle, etc.)

Last weekend the Falcons superstar Jessie Tuggle player card was sold in limited quantities. His tackle data score reached 99 or even surpassed Lawrence Taylor, but his strength data is not as strong as Lawrence Taylor.

So what should players do in the new challenge mission to get the Ultimate Legends player card? These Madden 20 Ultimate Legends player cards were officially added to the game last Saturday. Under normal circumstances, players can enter the new challenge at 10 or 11 a.m. EST to get these amazing player cards. These player cards can also be obtained through the player card gift packs and store discounts purchased by players. Players can get the two powerful player cards mentioned above by bidding or spending a certain amount of Madden Coins in the auction house.

By the way, Madden 21, which players have been expecting, is also in the game team's launch plan. At that time, players will see more powerful player cards added to the game. However, players have to store some MUT 21 Coins in advance to purchase player cards that will be released in Madden 21. But don't forget that there is still some time before the new version is released. Madden 20 is still our focus at this stage. Players can Buy mutcoins to get some items to help them improve their strength.

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