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Didn't OSRS gold do so with mining stone spirits? Plus it completely flopped? Can someone explain why this could be different.OSRS has competition for funds. Stone Spirits flopped because of a blend of Mining being pure AFK, boss shed tables not being rebalanced for the new tiers, without a competition for mining sources significance stupid amounts of ore were entering RuneScape and rendering stone spirits meaningless.

Stone spirits were likewise meaningless since the alch significance for ores and bar equivalents dropped a lot. There was an ore excess, but it is hard to expect them to maintain value when ore's worth is based purely on smithing xp, invention components, along with a fraction (1/2 or 1/4) of a bar's alch value that's also much lower than it used to be. They did create for components recently tho.

In OSRS, the change of op advantages individuals that want to ability for profit, and bots, at the expense of a design of bossing that provides recuperates supplies and gain. Some folks like the nightmare drop table, some people don't. It means that the reason behind this is because people are going to want to pvm when they state because uniques increase in cost bossing will receive more profitable. 

Or it means they will eliminate money chasing uniques, so they will go Rsgoldfast skill to stay afloat I figure. Idk if that's fantastic game design to encourage people to stop engaging in something that they enjoy in order that they can go ability.

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