by on February 15, 2020

We've done a number of OSRS gold things. Twice a year we will run in-game events which are concentrated around health, and 100 percent of the funds out of people will go to our emotional health charities. 

We've got characters in sport that represent three of our charity partners, as I mentioned earlier, and runescape players can interact together. There is basically further links for people and facts about psychological health, and a question-and-answer with some info to potentially be able to find help and assistance. In addition, we have used our media team to push profiles of those charities out, again with links and the information should people wish to get assist.

1 further thing, even if I could. At our fan event, RuneFest, which is held once per year and we've got approximately 1,500 runescape players that come to undergo a dream of RuneScape, we have our charities there. 

We had a room where our runescape players could return and speak should they wish to. Surely, but you aren't a part of creating that problem? You believe you're part of the solution for this? No, I don't think we are a part of creating that problem. If you are speaking about a million runescape players in Cheap Runescape gold, that's representative of culture. You can't get away from this. There are a wide range of negatives that are possibly and positives in the minority which those people will experience.

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