by on February 13, 2020

Lighting Is The Most Common Cause Of An Anthurium Not Flowering

One of the most common reasons why anthurium houseplants don’t bloom is insufficient light.

Anthuriums can survive and even produce vigorous foliage in lower lighting conditions, but they won’t flower if they don’t have lots of bright indirect sunlight. Your plant should be in a location where it receives bright but diffuse light all day long rather than for just a couple of hours a day.

If you don’t have a place in your home or office that gets enough light, use a full-spectrum grow light to make sure your anthurium receives excellent lighting for 9 hours a day so you can enjoy the vibrant flowers that make these plants such a wonderful addition to your home.

This Temperature Issue May Be Preventing Your Anthurium From Flowering

The temperature range for these tropical plants is a comfortable 70-85 °F (21-29 °C), so anthuriums are generally happy in most indoor settings – that is, as long as the plant is not exposed to drafts and other sudden temperature changes.

Anthuriums are very sensitive to the rapid changes in temperature that can occur if they are located near an external door or window or close to heating and cooling vents. Exposure to drafts also adversely affects anthuriums, as will air suddenly blown directly at them from a room or exhaust fan cycling on.

So getting your anthurium houseplant to flower may be as simple as relocating a fan or finding a spot where your plant is protected from these types of local temperature changes.

Anthuriums And Humidity

Anthuriums need a moist environment, so be sure to maintain high humidity around your plant. Lack of humidity will cause the foliage to lose its sheen, which is an adaptation to the moist rainforest environment, and will reduce your plant’s resilience along with its ability to flower.

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