by on February 13, 2020

The best way to get your anthurium houseplant to bloom is to make sure you are providing it with the growing environment it prefers.

Anthuriums are tropical rainforest plants, and most common houseplant varieties are epiphytic in nature, meaning they grow on trees in the same way orchids and bromeliads do. And much like orchids, they are rather picky about their environment.

This doesn’t mean they are difficult to grow; it just means you need to find a good spot in your home for your potted anthurium and make sure you are giving it everything it needs so it has the energy to produce those eye-catching blooms. This brief summary outlines the basic elements of how to care for an anthurium houseplant.

Anthurium Houseplant Care Summary:

  • Potting mixture: Well-draining peat-based or pine bark potting mixture
  • Light: All day bright indirect sunlight
  • Temperature: 70-85 °F (21-29 °C)
  • Humidity: High
  • Watering: Allow potting mixture to dry out slightly between watering
  • Fertilizing: Feed weekly with high-phosphorous liquid fertilizer diluted to 10-20% strength
  • Repotting: Every two years
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