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The angel and marvel at some point mated, and the action produced a blend of both worlds, the very first nephalem that the Diablo series has been controlled throughout by gamers. Those renegade demons and angels soon noticed these nephalem had the capacity to be more powerful and many sought to ruin them. It was that Lilith was pushed to insanity.

The nephalem were the world's future, and what's more, a means to quell the needless Eternal Conflict. To safeguard her kids, she turned into a unstoppable and frightening monstrosity. Inarius banished her a boundless realm of emptiness that trapped Lilith, into the Void, and was shocked in the savagery of her response.

Over time, Inarius attuned the Worldstone to slowly diminish the nephalem's power. Before the weak race of humanity was created generation after generation passed. Lilith, meanwhile returned to Sanctuary. First was that the Sin War, which saw a secret war waged for control of those people involving the Cathedral of Light, led by Inarius, and the Temple of the Triune, which the Prime Evils held influence over.

Undoing Inarius' work, the Worldstone was shifted by Lilith, and the nephalem started to regain their immense power . She worked diligently to realize her goals, only to fail at every turn. In Diablo 3, small remains of Lilith, though her writings could be found within the Pandemonium Fortress.

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