by on February 8, 2020

WoW has got their WoW Tokens to solve the problem. Its expensive, but its safe and guaranteed. GW2 allows a economic conversion rate between Gold to Gem and utilizes Gems for upgrade purchases and their makeup. Runescape uses Bonds. Is FFXIV. However, Gil in FFXIV is relatively worthless unless you're attempting to buy a big home or any minions, so that is really why they don't have a massive Gil farming problem, (but they do still have a *lot* of websites dedicated to that type of RWT).

All your points are on correct and point. It was the easier more economical, and most rewarding way. However, its also the that the healthiest for the in game market. I'll clarify it this way. Jagex, they did a really* great job deciding to execute it. I believe that it was *the* solution. They throw darts and a lot of them miss, but that was a bullseye. I don't think I will give them credit for thinking that it was the alternative that gave them the revenue, only *any* earnings in general would have been alright for them.

RS could have become the bathroom if they did not create bonds. Free trade removal as the stop gap to stop rwting shattered runescape. Because credit card companies were near banning RS buys on their cards due to the fraud they had no option. It was we never have transaction that is free or get bonds. I think bonds was the thing to do.

Bonds didn't get implemented to fight the credit card problem although you are right on your last points. This has been in 2007. If you say they had gone into the bathroom or even for bonds, how did they endure because 2007 for all those 5 years and became a lot more in the process? They did not go into the toilet without bondsbefore Jagex had cash banks' amounts couldn't refuse. In 2007 they were small.

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