by on February 4, 2020

To complete the 6 quests of the Time Anomalies accessible sport, 2 series of quests will be included. One will be accessible for levels 50 minimal, but of having completed the 6 quests that are famous with the requirement. Another, will need to have completed the first (So: Having done a pack of quests) and also be flat 180 minimum. A tiny showing prerequisite also interferes: Having finished the quests. Simple passage or continuation of this background? Put your bets!

5 new locations are added to welcome Bosses, such as 4 households of critters, 4 dungeons and filled with success! They are distributed according to this riders, respecting their character and their attributes! War is a impulsive character, without law or faith. Everything is a battle, everything has to be beaten. You walk through its devastated battlefield, populated by soldiers indoctrinated by force.

What's alive is disgusting. Corruption's land is dead, ravaged by pollution. The only animals living there are apocalyptic. Free will? Servitude doesn't know. Everything needs to serve him, or die. His domain is a slavery boat, where we can clearly observe the reference. Ankama played with it historic and political, this moment! There is nothing that belongs to you, not your life. Misery does not take from the rich, it takes from everybody. Its area is a desert, emptied of resources and all greenery, kept in its fortified castle. There'll be a number of references to Mad Max!

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