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Hello everyone! Recently, I published on reddit and Poe forums about novice and experienced players making PoE currency, so I decided to write a flipping guide and set the topic to AMA so that you can ask any questions. If you've been wondering how to get HH because it's so expensive, this guide is perfect for you. If you are unable to purchase gemstones or important gears for drawing, this guide is for you.

I'll let you know now, I hate writing, I hate it, it can be sloppy. So, AMA, but we'll cover a lot in the original post.

So let's knock on some misconceptions / myths about jumping first.

Money is needed to make money. If the poor can't shake it.

Niubi, you only need 1-2x to start turning. Depending on 1-2x of RNG, you can earn 50 chaos per hour, or you can earn 300 chaos per hour. It all depends on the RNG of the transaction.

2) You make more money, then flip.

True or false. This actually depends on where you are in the flip game and how much money you have accumulated, as well as RNG. If a mirror falls on someone or some high priced item, you won't earn more than an hour a day, but if you accumulate wealth in a week, the flippers will win most of the time, d need some very good drops to beat the experienced ones, and sometimes even the novice ones.

3) Well, if you want to make money flipping, you have to be a hiding warrior, and you can't play games, what's the meaning of flipping?

Bull 2, when you get enough money, you will not make small transactions any more. You will make transactions worth leaving the map. When you are good at flipping and know the items to be flipped, you can flip those items that can only make you get 50 chaotic profits at a time. You can do things that will make you more than 20 chaotic. The sky is the limit of what you want to say is worth leaving the map.

4) How much can you make an hour?

How much confusion do you have? I am still a stranger to the game. I just started this season, but I reached a state of chaos of about 2.8k the previous day. Obviously, we won't always be like this, but I'd like to say that I'm about 600-800 on average, and the lowest point is about 300-500 per hour.

The more chaos you have, the more profits you can make. It's huge to be able to buy 1-2k chaos without worrying about sitting for a few days. But when you're new, you'll be broken. You really can't afford that luxury.

So this covers some of our misunderstandings / myths.

Now here's the disclaimer. I'm not saying that I'm the best at flipping, or that what I'm going to teach is the best way to do that. A lot of people I know are better than me, but I can help you get to where you are. If you've flipped and made some suggestions, I can put them in the original post or correct what I said.

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