by on February 2, 2020

Below is the graph of Madden players selected through week 14 for TOTW for every single group. In general, there are only a few outliers, which is the problem in my view; I understand not restricting Madden player choice to only winning groups (I suppose ), but for teams who've been great this season to not have significantly more cards than groups who have gone 5-8 is ridiculous. Two teams have over 10 TOTW choices: Steelers and the Titans when you take out the pre-season cards. This could as well just be called"Madden players who played in a game this week".

Said it a few times, since I started playing in 18 the promo has got worse and isn't actually fit for purpose. It requires an overhaul, it is too rigid and that locks many Madden players in/out of contention. They ought to look at how other games do TOTW and they have got better systems.TOTW Madden players are generally crap anyways I'd rather a Madden player get a voucher card so it's really worth using.For sure. For instance you didn't need 15 92 overalls this week dropping, but dropping 79 rated cards or even 82 cards that are rated.. Genuinely what is the point. Each week you're looking at 3 MAYBE 4 cards to get totw that might find a look in. Tbh just nick NHLs update system, for all the criticisms and motives mut and I would rather play, their upgrade process is far superior.

Anyone outside of Aaron Jones? I remember one week the Packers got two useless leading TOTW cards (Blake who'd the dynamic UK card already better and Rodgers LTD which was the exact same as up his power, which was cheaper and better to get long term). A dumbfounding move to have these cards be TOTW. Packers 50/50 is stacked on safeties and linebackers but may use a lot of updates areas.

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