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I am saying it is reasonable in a easy (lazy) way to Mut 20 coins prevent users abusing the AI trade system. Ironically, it's a lot harder to obtain as it is to correct his overall. Particularly once you consider that Madden is about ultimate team even more so than any other sport game so they'll probably end up inflating his entire with some special card.

That is exactly my point. It's very difficult to actually come up with any way to ascertain trade worth for all possible trades since not only is that wildly subjective, it might just be impossible considering the whole problem seems awfully near an NP issue. 

They'd have to weigh positional need with positional worth with Madden participant rating with staff. Opportunity cost has so many facets that I could name all of them. If realism in transactions is exactly what you actually desire, Madden would practically just have to remove all trade assistance aside from cap space info and make it so that they're extremely unlikely to accept anything.

Every comment I see like that is really dumb. Yes Watson's overall is reduced without a doubt, but why in the world should Patrick Mahomes be a 97. He's literally the second man to ever throw for 5000 yards and 50 TDs. What should they base their evaluations on? (Do not get me wrong, I despise about 90% of their evaluations still).Playing devil's advocate, how do Watson do with Andy Reid and all those weapons that are offensive? Not saying Mahomes is not good that he's in a great situation. At least greater.

That's fair, but a 97 score on Madden is Tom Brady and cheap Madden 20 coins Manning in their type shit. Even if he doesn't replicate it or live up to it again it's one of the greatest QB seasons there's ever been.I get that but objectively speaking...he did possess an season that had everyone talking...that might have played...but it was like the evaluation of the end of the day, it is a game does not mimic their actual life.

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