by on January 11, 2020

As mentioned above, the management of the Dofus game style is bound to be different from that which we can see on DOFUS. In the level of the characters in addition to these sets. Case to follow, we have observed picture changes on NPCs with Astrub's redesign in BETA. See you in a couple of months to find out more! For the reconciliation of this Dofus game mode, we should not find that the 18 classes currently on DOFUS however 10.

So as to correctly prepare the execution of the mode of play, which would be fresh in the life of this MMO Ankama, it is possible that the pace of updates (regarding graphic content) to emerge this year is impacted. A focus will be made to get features that we ought to hear about shortly and the safest foundation potential so everything goes smoothly. This is a company because we remember the Ebony Dofus should be implanted at the first half of 2018. This will conclude the immense quest that's the gathering of this six Primal Dofus.

This manner of play would allow to perform many balancing tests, mechanics, operation of particular factors of Dofus and iterate on all this to think about their arrival on the classic model of DOFUS.A business model based on the Free To Play ought to be analyzed using decorative bonuses in shop to consider a possible transition of the entire Dofus match to this model when the results are satisfactory.

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