by on January 8, 2020

You journey . You can go allowing for exploration that is infinite when you aren't comfortable going downwards. But there is a lot of speculation on how Delve will go core, because it's just too big to not. Which raises the question, what's Delve?

Delve's idea is elegant and straightforward: it provides players a reason to keep playing after they've mastered tier 16 maps. Can you defeat mobs, although you may be able to conduct 16 maps that are tier? Three times? At what point do you cap out? Can you top the leaderboard?

The incentive to keep pushing and compete is rewarded for each level you push with a sense of accomplishment and loot to. After you got to a point where you carry on all map mods and comfortably can kill Uber Elder, there was not any reason. There's really a reason to invest 10 orbs about that 2% upgrade, since it actually could get you to another Delve thickness.

Delve's idea was going to improve player retention. Players play for a month then shed Path of Exile . Delve was supposed to battle this, providing players an incentive to keep playing long just to see how far they could go. Did it attain that, although it is a noble goal to sure, and where does it fit into the scheme of Path of Exile?

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