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"I think there's a large opportunity for OSRS gold this sort of internet RPG -- I'm trying to not say"MMORPG" since in people's heads, that generates an image that's not what we would like to build. Shared worlds just like you see in games like Destiny as much motivated experiences or by contemporary action-RPGs, me. 

We are not doing a shooter, but the idea that you don't need to fret about what server you are on or need to battle your way. You get the advantages of an MMO game but without all the complexity and hassle. We are attempting to embrace these and accessibility more modern concepts for large online games when creating this next-generation online RPG."

Not really. They hired a lot of people that were new including Next Gen, of course, for the endeavors. The Headcounts of the OSRS team and RS3 content development group stay closer to 60, and 25 respectively. It is not surprising Next Gen is a larger job when the headcount of Jagex has increased toward 400 along with the joint Runescape teams constitute of just 20% of the organization's total workforce.

That is what makes entire thing more bs. 34m in growth cost more than 1 year of OSRS and RS3? Development costs are same as AAA titles have, although we do not even get upgrades? Each have typical income of 40k a year (around that is right amount) - that's 4m only. Where did other 30m go?

Business expenses arent just salaries for workers, there's so much more overhead compared to a salary for a worker. A worker in a software company (UK) costs hundreds of pounds a day, minimum. Development agencies typically charge anywhere from £50-£125 an hour for one employee, to Buy Runescape gold cover overhead and preserve gains. Office space hardware for workers, office equipment, applications, once you factor all that on your running costs will be enormous. 

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