by on January 4, 2020

Jagex and Twitch have struck a deal which will bring a four-month programme of exclusive RuneScape and Old School giveaways for Twitch Prime members.Developer/publisher Jagex said:"RuneScape and Old School are kicking off four weeks of exclusive goodies for Twitch Prime Members, available now and through the summer for newcomers and seasoned adventurers. Players will get exclusive in game loot and one-month free membership, worth a combined value of over $55." The tie-up has already begun and will run till September 22. Jagex says that there will be:"Four significant reward drops within the next four months: Reduce #1: One-month membership (valid for both RuneScape and Old School); Drop #2: 2 Umbral Chests (ensured super-rare prize); Drop #3: Umbral Waraxe, Umbral Wingset, Umbral Salawa Akh (plus previous cosmetics if unclaimed); Drop #4: 200 RuneCoins, 15 Treasure Hunter Keys and 40 Hearts of Ice."

Basically, that means that Twitch Prime subscribers will find a chance to sample the legendary browser-based MMO, which has been operating for 18 years, for free for a month. While present RuneScape and Old Scool RuneScape players will get a one-month subscription fracture and harvest a bunch of rewards for subscribing to Twitch Prime. Jagex included:"RuneScape and Twitch have collaborated previously, releasing two sets of rewards which offer free cosmetics to those that possess a Prime subscription on Twitch. The cosmetics from these previous packs remain available to people who haven't claimed them "

British video game developer Jagex has been around for almost 20 decades, and for 18 of the it has come to be known for its renowned massively multiplayer online title, Runescape. Companies like Jagex that were entrenched in the MMO space have effectively been coping with"games-as-a-service" before it turned into a"thing" At a special talk at Casual Connect London, Matt Casey, Senior Product Manager at Jagex, talked about how live service games have evolved to become living matches, and at the center of the is the community .

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