by on December 30, 2019

Set against the budding careers of Devin Wade and Colt Cruise, two buddies and aspiring players making their way through the trials and tribulations of becoming soccer legends, Longshot is what Madden lovers were lacking in terms of one player mode.

Packed with engaging narrative minutes, well-paced character development and a set of aspiring players you want to root for and assist succeed, it was among the most cherished additions made to the Madden series and one that fans were eager to see again in Madden 20.

Their hopes were replied too, using a continuation readily available in the upcoming entrance that picks up right where the last Longshot left : Devin proceeds to try and find his groove in making the right calls through matches, whilst Colt tries to property a tryout or create a new hit tune. Every Longshot narrative has a satisfying variety of highs and lows for players to witness and put in motion, and though it may not be a perfect continuation, it does set up another stage in both characters' arcs nicely should it be continued.

While the period of the new Longshot narrative mode may change -- the mode now includes more playable segments that vary in difficulty and sometimes throw out challenges that could require a few tries -- it generally lasts just three to four hours depending on how skilled you are when it comes to Madden 20. Even though Longshot can be replayed, players may see all of the mode's content in just one play through.

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