by on December 25, 2019

That said, all things considered, EA is handling this in the Madden 20 coins best way it could. NBA 2K fans have pleaded with the publisher of their sport to be transparent with their communication. One of the most frustrating feature of 2K's battles has been the lack of communication and authoritative resources for information.

It all might be a coincidence. It's merely an unusual confluence of events in a league and sport in which injuries are all too common. There is no way that the Madden Curse -- when a player looks on the cover of Madden, then either ends up injured or his production drops the following season -- is anything apart from happenstance. For every Eddie George -- 1,509 rushing yards and 14 touchdowns since the very first all-versions cover athlete of Madden at the 2000 season -- there is various men who did not see the same success.

They tweeted out a confirmation of repair, but no sympathy for fans of the game.A couple leagues responded to the tweet with joy in having the ability to come back to the game, but theres no doubt this has done some damage to EA's standing amongst CFM players.

It doesn't take long to find the criticism of why EA has not gone away now that a fix has been rolled out. There's a lot of frustration among the fan base, and a big concern is that there doesn't seem to be much sign it would not happen again.

It is entirely possible to cheap Mut 20 coins believe they could launch future matches without the CFM mode, which could streamline their business and reduce price. They could go the opposite way. Franchise mode has been underinvested for many years and some basic fixes can make a huge difference.

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