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Where to set a tax collector? Standard answer: In dungeons, even, and in fields in your pursuit map. However, is it so simple? Discover the strings of this pose in this guide! A Perceptor is a creature invokable by Dofus players, placing himself recovering the fall at the close of the fighting of the entire area. It doesn't slip them however, since it gets them parallel the Dofus gamers (It had been his former behaviour ). It may be attacked by Dofus players, which suggests a specific vigilance and to mount a strategy of prevention and protection. You will need to get a Guild to ask. Every guild has its own recipients with features and a number based on the level of it. Like the Dofus players, he gains 5 points on each level rise.

Will be updated or automatically up: Quite important in protection, they obviously grow by 20 per level of Guild (Base to 3000). The Collector will not have to attack, since it's your job. They rise by 1 per degree. With a maximum of 500, she must climb absolutely to hope drop en masse. In cases like this, a tax collector using 300-400 of Wisdom may be helpful.

They are essential if you would like to make a maximum of Dofus Kamas. Try to get at least 3000. Try to have a maximum (15 allows some relaxation and prevent fighting with his guildeux). They are based on the spell method that was old , using a price of 5 points for 1 degree.

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