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It was an agile handed brawler who reveled in the Dofus Kamas bloodbath of conflicts, his blood and that of his enemies became the Kamas Dofus Retro source of its energy. I will see that berserker wielding a shield using shooting healing arrows and a bow .Its not about acquiring achievements, I am talking about hardcore Dofus players performing endgame contents market and in order to get those endgame resources. In case contents become easier to harvest by casual Dofus players, it won't be as rare not as valuable.

There will be no point for hardcore Dofus gamers to farm those dungeons anymore since everyone (theoretically) will be able to get their very own endgame resources.Well, you will find Dofus players who really do sell uncommon stuff so they can subscribe with ogrines, is the incorrect? 

What'll hardcore Dofus players perform in between the 3 weeks that new contents are implemented?

Hardcore Dofus players perform with collect and sell rare resources.When that there are no longer infrequent contents, hardcore Buy Kamas Dofus Retro players perform all the achievement in 1 month and also zaap sit for the next 2 months waiting for the upcoming new content.

I was simply stating that Ankama has to Cheap Dofus Kamas please those that pay money and keep the Dofus match ready to go at some point.

Play to pay is among the most unique and awesome features of this Dofus sport, however I find quite normal tha Ankama can also be giving focus on those casual Dofus players thay pay good money to play the Dofus game, cannot sustain multiaccounts with in-game money or just do not have enough time.

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