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Since you continue to play with OSRS gold, you will eventually come across an option to take part in Slayer Dungeons and take on a few of the runescape game's meanest creatures. Cockatrices are one. They're known to drop limpwurt follicles which are great. They are primarily hunted to finish the pursuit Fur'nSeek, which requests a runescape player to acquire a cockatrice skin to move at the quest line. They are relatively easy to discover and kill long as you are prepared.

First of all, you will require a Mirror Shield to face off from these items. It isn't important if you have Rune on or something higher, a Mirror Shield is vital to carrying this buggers on. In addition, we advise going for top weapons like Crossbows to take them on. 

The mirror shield is a slice of Slayer equipment that is used for combating cockatrices and basilisks and demands a slayer amount of 25 plus a defense degree of 20 to wield. Out of being reduced by these two creatures your stats stop. The shield can be purchased for 5,0000 coins from any Slayer Master.

Fremennik Slayer Dungeon is the cockatrice's house and they are situated on the part of the dungeon. The dungeon is situated south-west of Rellekka, beside the Golden Maple Tree. It's only be retrieved by those who possess the Slayer degree that is applicable but attempt to be at least level 25 if you can. The Cheap Runescape gold more complicated the better.You ought to be able to fight off the cockatrices easy so long as you are well prepared, only be cautious of this super cockatrice that can spawn, since it might mess you if you're at a lower level. Just remember, you can't set dwarf multicannons up interior of Slayer Dungeons, which means should you rely on them, you'll want to think of another strategy.

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