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Together with 82 for status quo, 84 for strength and 86 for aggression he is an defense while 85 for endurance implies he could cover the ground for a whole 90 minutes too to have confronting the back four. Throw for short passing in 76 and he could be the starting point for the moves also. That form of flexibility does not come cheap, so Lyon will need around $15.5m for the 21-year-old, but he'll pay you back with the capability to achieve 84 overall.

The 20-year-old is comfortable on the ball, using 74 for management and 76 for dribbling, while 76 for both short and long passing means he can distribute it. 75 for speed and 76 for acceleration mean he's no slouch either. His overall score of 73 leaves him a fantastic backup for plenty of teams, even though a possible score of 84 suggests his 7.5m price should allow for a significant profit should you decide to cash in on him farther down the line.

If you are trying to find a central midfielder who'll do a bit of everything, look no farther than the Christopher Nkunku of PSG. Outstanding on the ball, with fantastic balance and sculpting skills, he can assure your team stays in possession with 79 for brief departure, and 76 for completing you'd even expect him to come across the back of the internet if he sees himself in front of goal. He is not poor in the tackle. With an overall score of 76, Nkunku's already great enough for lots of clubs, but with the capacity to hit 84, he is just getting better, which makes his 11m price tag seem to be rather a steal.

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