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I understand that it will never be the OSRS gold way be we have to fight in order for there to be any prospect of jagex meeting us at the middle. Should you keel over and accept it the goalpost will just keep moving. "Oh the runescape players were
not as mad at our new competitive mtx, that means we could be more aggressive and still get away with it!" They are absolutely looking to milk runescape players whether they really believe they aren't. Well. I was very against them
incorporating t80 armor but frankly. 

The true cost of virtus wasn't really affected by it. Just as a few runescape players got this fall does influence the value or its usefulness. The amount of fresh armor it introduced into the Cheap Runescape gold game was minuscule compared to is
released from people killing Nex for cash.

In terms of runescape players being"talented" highly sought after items: first off virtus armor is not THAT highly sought after, it is a good mid-high lvl gear that's much cheaper that its higher grade options. Second off involving
runescape players having the ability to get a huge number of gp by obtaining a dye by a hint scroll (which could also be contemplated gifting runescape players with gp through RND then), the item being just dropped by Nex, a runescape
player just purchasing the gear (easier than buying keys and expect to find this super rare thing ), or simply being able to purchase a bond and sell it for more than what virst armor is worth anyway, this way of getting it's no longer
gifting the armor to runescape players than those others manners are, except in such a manner they can't market the virtus to help update their armor.

Interesting post, but regarding OSRS though. As you acknowledge OSRS has no MTX excluding from bonds. You suggest Jagex have a freemium approach to the runescape game, with RunePass getting the subscription. With that being said would
OSRS fall into the company model? The runescape game retains significance if P2P became a free option to runescape players. Will Jagex barricade their popular version of the runescape game behind this new RunePass subscription trying to
salvage the income they take or get another approach?

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