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I disagree with what you are saying and here's why.Making content for everyone would imply that the worst Dofus participant with the worst team ought to have the ability to perform it. Never was Kamas Dofus Retro a game with articles accessible to everybody, there has always been end-game content available to just the few who managed to become good enough to pass the content.

This is the way the Dofus game was for over a decade, and (imo) the Dofus game should remain. If you would like to have the ability to conquer the harder dungeons you'll have to practise and get better if you can't beat them . That is just how it functions and how it's supposed to function. I understand you would like to overcome it with your team, but again, F3 was possible with any team.

I really don't know what team you have, but seeing your avatar is an Iop, you can likely do them. The majority of the people are simply too lazy to invest time in learning a dungeons mechanics and creature countries, and therefore complain it is too hard. A whole lot of folks solo'd those dungeons prior to the update with different classes. 

Whoever claims a dungeon that could be solo'd wants a nerf because their 4 man team can't manage it should probably rethink whatever they are doing.Dofus is a tactical game and strategy necessitates thinking. A whole lot of folks do not see to grasp this.

I never (attempted ) to imply the worst Ezdofus Dofus Kamas player with the worst group should have the ability to perform it. I stated that a Dofus player who functions to get proficient at the dungeon should be in a position to perform it.With regards to groups, I am talking about dungeons that require a particular course or a couple of specific classes.

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