by on November 29, 2019
Today, society is developing rapidly, rhythms are too fast and the pressure of people is growing. Some people are busy with work, have no time to fall in love or have more contact with the opposite sex. In this case, you can buy a surreal doll to solve your sex life. Unlike inflatable dolls, real life sex doll are very attractive because they have realistic simulation skins, real faces and built-in skeletons that allow you to freely display your favorite postures.
Life seems to be more than a person on his side, life is not so monotonous, lonely and boring. A real girl can betray or hurt you. With Real Doll as friends it is really warm for lonely people in life. Many people live alone for professional or other reasons throughout the year, but even when under pressure, they may not be ventilated and, over time, can affect the body.
A sex doll is a real love doll that was inspired by humans. Women or men, usually solid or puffed, are made of various plastics and silicone. They are usually scale replicas of real women of full height and weight. Human genitals and other replicas of body parts are sex toys, not dolls, as they say. Sex toys are for sex only, but they also serve to connect with other people.You treat the doll like a woman and take care of it! Dress her every day, sleep together and even walk around with the dolls.
Sex dolls have no emotions, it is for that, but the sexual experience is almost the same. They have additional benefits because they can not have a sexually transmitted disease with you. They are also clean and you can have unprotected sex with them. When an accident happens during sex, the sex doll will not get hurt or pregnant, just like a sex doll. Workers are real people, moaning and having sexual pleasure with them. However, protection can be used because it can cause sexually transmitted diseases. So if you decide to have a sex worker or a sex doll, it is up to you.
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